Throughout this site you can read how best to care for a person with dementia. We will discuss the different types of dementia like Alzheimer’s dementia, vascular dementia, and other dementias, along with dementia tests, dementia stages. We look at the prevalence of dementia in the UK and the world.

Staying safe in your own home with a diagnosis of dementia

Person centred care

“Putting the Person at the heart of what we do”


Two thirds of all
people with dementia
live at home.

Choice driven support

Delivered in a person centred way

It is always good practice to involve a person with dementia as much as possible when making decisions.

By letting the person guide you in decision making, you are not only empowering them, but you are putting them at the centre of what you are doing, thus offering ‘person centred care’

A diagnosis of dementia is a devastating time  for everybody in the family.

Every case of dementia is unique. At times, as a carer or family member, it may feel as though there isn’t enough help at hand when it is needed most.

Maintaining a good quality of life and dignity are some of the most important concerns at a time like this.

At Dementia Safety at Home, we aim to help.

On this website, you can find advice on how to make a home safe, yet still homely and engaging for your loved one.

In the sections above, information is provided to help you make decisions that will make life easier for your loved one, as well as yourself during this challenging time.

What is most important is that we keep this information jargon free and simple to understand



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